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She was an idea born of a desire to make the perfect cruising catamaran by a highly experienced sailor, a man who lives and breathes boats. She is a rare synergy of getting it all right and putting it all together into one truly brilliant boat. Best performance on the sea. Maximum space and comfort to live aboard. Maximum safety. Exceptional fuel economy. She is a truly rare and outstanding cat.


The Boat

Under construction for 4 years, she was not a quick build for a production company. She was a work of art and love, built expertly, carefully and meticulously to very high standards. Capable of holding a party in the huge back cockpit area alone, she is the most spacious, comfortable live aboard boat you will find for her size.

She was made very strong but incredibly light by using the best high density foam sandwich with e-glass exterior and interior and added Kevlar skins above the water line. Below the water line, she is made of strong, solid, resin impregnated styrene sheeted with e-glass. This is not a quick build with balsa strip plank. The styrene is completely impregnated throughout with vinyl ester resins which are completely impervious to water. This means that any hull damage, no matter how slight will not progress at all. This means that she will last many, many decades longer than strip plank boats that often suffer greatly with age, as over time any leakage of water into balsa core has the potential to destroy large areas of structural material.

Safety and economy have been top priorities in every respect and she goes the extra mile in these areas. Two 67HP Perkins diesel engines supply around 2litres to the mile under normal conditions at 10 knots on both motors and 1litre per mile downwind on one engine. She surfs easily downwind reaching high speeds.

The extra high bridge deck clearance allows you to ride clear of uncomfortable wave slap on the underside of the bridge-deck, a common problem with multihulls that sit low in the water, slowing the boat down. The gorgeous height above the water also increases your view incredibly as well giving you a wonderful sense of riding high on the water.

Her design is sleek but at the same time maximizes spaciousness incredibly well creating a cavernous feel that is more like a comfortable apartment than a boat.


The Current Owner / Builder

Rob discovered his passion for sailing at age 9, competing at the Busselton Yacht Club, Western Australia. At age 10, he built his first yacht out of balsa. At age 18 he hatched a plan to build his first real yacht. For the next ten years, he lived and worked at Koolan Island in the Kimberleys. By day he was an engineering boilermaker for BHP. On free time, he was an explorer taking his 42 ft sloop and usually a hoard of happy workmates to the remotest parts of the Kimberleys, long before it was opened to tour companies. In the following years he sailed through Indonesia and around Australia. He became meshed in the cruising lifestyle and met hundreds of cruising folk, where the discussions would inevitably turn to boats; their design, performance, configurations, materials and every topic that exists and is close to the heart of all cruising sailors.

In 2000, he began to think about building another boat to accommodate his young growing family. After completing a catamaran delivery from the East Coast to Perth, he decided to build a catamaran. Six years later, out of a wealth of knowledge and experience and 4 years of full time building, came an incredible boat. A boat that ticks all of the well thought out boxes. Materials, layout, performance, comfort at sea, safety, and a wealth of other features that are only perfected by someone who has first hand experience and a passion for design and getting it right and
from someone who is not interested in cutting corners for price.


Her Name

She has never been named. She is yours to name for the first time.


The Price

AUD 790,000.00


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